Spiritual Friendship

This section offers a variety of resources on the spiritual and human dimensions of friendship, as well as the role of chaste friendship in the spiritual life. The Lord Himself called us His friends and commanded us to be friends with one another.

Here you will learn the many reasons why knowing, understanding, and respecting others is necessary for loving them. You will examine the demands of "true" friendship along with the rewards of our Christian vocation to love and be loved.

Introduction To The
Devout Life
St. Francis de Sales
Ignatius Press


St. Francis de Sales' Introduction to the Devout Life offers guidance on "friendship in the spiritual life" in the following chapters:

Chapter XVII: On Friendship - Evil and Frivilous Friendship
Chapter XVIII: On Frivolous Attachments
Chapter XIX: Of Real Friendship
Chapter XX: Of the Difference Between True and False Friendship
Chapter XXI: Remedies Against Evil Friendships
Chapter XXII: Further Advice Concerning Intimacies

But I Have Called You Friends
Reflections on the Art of Christian Friendship
Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.
Ignatius Press

In these gentle, simple, yet profound conferences, Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C., explores both the necessity and the difficulty of Christian friendship. Friendship is the basis of all fruitful love, she wrote. Whether we are single or married, priest or religious, the Lord himself called us His friends and commanded us to be the friends of one another.

Mother explains the reason this command is so difficult: knowing, understanding, and respecting another person are necessary for loving him or her, and these things take time. We must be friends if we are to love. With this small volume, Mother Mary Francis inspires us and helps us to be patient by revealing both the demands and the rewards of our vocation to love and be loved.

The Art of Being
a Good Friend
How To Bring Out the Best in Your Friends and in Yourself
Hugh Black
Sophia Institute Press 


These pages show you how to transform your superficial friendships into soul-nourishing relationships, bringing them from shallowness and frivolity to a deep communion of mind and heart - a communion that will become for you and for your friends a means of emotional and spiritual growth.
Married couples will find here new ways to appreciate the gift God has given to them in their spouse.

Most of all, readers will learn how to achieve friendship with God.

Genuine Friendship
The Foundation For All Personal Relationships, Including Marriage and the Relationship With God
Philip D. Halfacre
Midwest Theological Forum 

Many people measure their happiness by the quality of their personal relationships. No one relates perfectly, and even those who relate well can see from time to time they need to improve. This book offers insights to help the reader to do precisely that.

In all of our interpersonal relationships -- especially in the family -- we create an environment or a culture. Ideally, we create a culture of love, one where people have the experience they are loved and they matter, they are accepted for who they are, and they are forgiven.

But friendship entails more than warm feelings and personal sharing. Sustaining such relationships and fulfilling the expectations that are naturally a part of them requires real strength of character, especially if we are to persevere in them through the years. When we succeed in creating a culture of love, people have the experience of being truly united with each other. Whether it is with a friend, a spouse, or with God, it is the experience of intimacy. We naturally desire it because we were made for it.

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Friendship: The Art of Happiness
Timeless wisdom on how to forge true friendship!
Professor John Cudderback
EPIC Publishing


We all want true friends. But how many of us know what friendship is?  "Friendship: The Art of Happiness" explains what friendship is, why we seek it, and why it is often hard to find. Philosopher John Cuddeback deftly weaves the timeless wisdom of the Greeks, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Sacred Scripture into a practical wisdom that will show you the path to the most rewarding of human achievements - being a friend.

Basing his rich analysis on the works of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, (Cuddeback) demonstrates that true friendship based on virtue benefits the individual, family life, and social life. Highly Recommended." Alice von Hildebrand, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophy, Author

"Reading this wonderful book will inspire and empower you to tap the incomparable treasures of friendship, both human and divine." Tim Gray, Director, Catholic Biblical School, Archdiocese of Denver

Spiritual Friendship

Spiritual Friendship

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