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Is There a "Gay" Gene?

  Catechesis on Homosexuality: Making the Distinctions

The Health Risks of "Gay" Sex

  Outreach to Homosexual Persons: The Understanding Heart

Ministering to Persons with Same-Sex Attractions: What Courage Members Would Like Clergy to Know

Clergy are often called upon to minister to persons with same-sex attractions (SSA). This can be a grace-filled opportunity, yet those called upon to counsel persons with SSA or to hear their confessions may not be sure how best to respond. Courage members offer their suggestions in: Ministering to Persons with Same- Sex Attractions: What Courage Members Would Like Clergy to Know."

What Is Marriage?

  Don't Call Me Gay!


A collection of deeply inspiring testimonies from Courage members.

Pulled together over an extended period of time, these stories are both riveting and inspiring, an uplifting testimony to the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ and His Church.  Courage members share their individual journeys with heartfelt candor and express with great warmth and gratitude the role that Courage has played in their lives.

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Homosexual Inclination as an "Objective Disorder" -- Reflections of Theological Anthropology
By Livio Melina
 This article first appeared in Communio 25 (Spring 1998).
© 1998 by Communio: International Catholic Review

Do Homosexuals Exist? By Fr. Hugh Barbour - Published in Faith and Fortitude, August 2013