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Courage members from around the world are coming forward to give testimony to God's work in their lives! 

In these stories you will see among the varying experiences, one common theme: Once we committed our lives to Christ and to the full teachings of His Catholic Church, we really began to live!

My family consisted of my father, mother, and my younger sister, Darlene. My mother and I always had a good relationship, but my father and I did not. He was an alcoholic and often physically abused me.

While growing up, my Dad tried to teach me the things in life that he enjoyed, such as carpentry and landscaping. However, it would always end with him losing his patience, screaming obscenities, and calling me names. My dad never taught me sports such as baseball or football. At school, when it was time to divide in teams, I was one of the last picked. The team that ended up having me loudly complained and made it clear that I was not like them. (Read more .... )

Daniel Mattson is a single Catholic man who lives with same sex attraction. He has found great freedom in the teachings of the Catholic Church and through the universal call to chastity, and he is often invited to give his personal testimony to groups around the country. He blogs under a pseudonym at

Living with Same-Sex Attraction: A Radio Interview with Daniel Mattson



A collection of deeply inspiring testimonies from Courage members.


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Pulled together over an extended period of time, these stories are both riveting and inspiring, an uplifting testimony to the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. Courage members share their individual journies with heartfelt candor and express with great warmth and gratitude the role that Courage has played in their lives.

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