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The Healing Presence of God
 by Fr. Richard McAlear, OMI

The Meaning of Intimacy in the Courage Context
by Fr. John Harvey, OSFS

The Problem of Masturbation Among Homosexual Persons
by Fr. John Harvey, OSFS

Emotional Dependency
by Lori Rentzel

The Christian Answer to SSA
Deacon Tim and Cindy from Two Edge Talk

The Importance of Correct Terminology
by Fr. Rich Perozich

The audio files below respresent some of the talks and presentations at the Annual Courage/EnCourage Conferences. 

Clarity and Charity: The Catholic Church and Homosexuality 
Given by Fr. Paul Check at the Gospel of Life Society, St. Mary Parish, Norwalk, CT

Homosexuality, Courage, and the Catholic Church - Fr. Paul Check
Pathways of Learning, Sirrus Radio
Hosted by Sr. Marie Pappas

Recent Talks by Fr. Check

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Fr. Paul Check Radio Interview 
In Person Series on KBVM.FM 88.3 - Portland, OR

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The Question that Haunts Us by Fr. Jeffrey Keefe, OFM, Conv.
Delivered at the 2013 Courage/EnCourage Conference

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