The Role of Courage in the Spiritual Life of Chastity for Persons With Same-Sex Attraction by Fr. Jim Lloyd, CSP
For those who understand Courage and its relationship with SSA persons seeking Chastity, it is fairly obvious that the group experience is core to the movement. One to one counseling is extremely helpful as is reading appropriate literature on the subject. Personal private prayer is essential as is one’s own dedicated determination. Nothing, however, can replace the group experience which has proven to be the single most factor, under God, in achieving sexual sobriety and sanity. (more...)  

Catechesis on Homosexuality: Making the Distinctions by William Newton -- From the Sower of Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, England -- Web site:

ZENIT News Agency -- The World Seen From Rome: Fr. Harvey on Strengths of New Vatican Instruction

The Theology of Weakness: Courage Reparational Prayer Group -- Catholic Standard and Times, Thursday, September 9, 2004. 
The Courage Reparational Prayer Group was formed a decade after its parent organization, Courage, was begun by Father John Harvey, O.S.F.S. in New York City in 1980. This ministry provides spiritual support to persons with same-sex attraction who desire to live chaste lives in accordance with Roman Catholic teaching.  Responding to the Church’s call to chastity is hard for anybody in our sex-saturated culture, which is one of the main reasons this group was formed.

“We come together to offer up our struggle with chastity and use it as reparation for the sins of the world,” said Vera, the group’s founder, who asked that her last name be withheld. “We offer up our own pain and struggle,and unite it with the passion of Jesus to bring life to others. It gives meaning to our suffering.”  (more...)

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Fr. Paul Check Interview-Catholic World Report
In this December 2010 interview, Fr. Check provides a brilliant explanation of the Courage Apostolate.

Observations Concerning the Revised Text of Always Our Children: Fr. John F. Harvey, OSFS - After reading the text of the Revised Always Our Children (RAOC), in Origins, vol. 28, #7, July 2, 1998, I regard it as a distinct improvement over the flawed October 1, 1997 document, but it is still characterized by a misleading use of terms and by failure to provide specific kinds of guidance for Catholic parents of children with same-sex attractions.  I had noted that Bishop Thomas O'Brien, chairman ofthe Committee on Marriage and the Family, had consulted with the Sacred Congregation of the Faith on the revision, and that the Congregation was "satisfied" with it. (more...)

Note: Always Our Children is a 1997 pastoral message by the United States Catholic Bishops' Committee on Marriage and Family on homosexuality.

A letter from the Office of the Bishop, Dioceses of Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.  This letter not only addresses the Courage/Encourage ministries for the Dallas and Ft. Worth Dioceses, but also talks about the Courage Apostolate as a whole.  These are very encouraging letters!

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